Curtate Cycloid RhinoV3. NOTES very well known option to store some extra info in the 3DM file, cool, but how to read that info without opening a 3DM file?
Just needed for one of my projects so below is that "dirty" solution !

To find BEGINNING (BON) and END (EON) of Rhino's NOTES we need to put some keywords at the beginning and end of our notes string i.e. BON EON. Then we need to loop to those keywords to grab whole string: Let's take a look at the below example. It is an extract from my source code, well, I hope you'll be able to get an idea how to do it:

View VB code

or a bit 'hacked' version :-) (couldn't find "start note" byte so I'm looping to a keyword)(s) -> note_yes & note_no )
eventually someone will figure it out, I just wasn't patient enough :)