Using the LicenseManager to acquire some interesting info
- How to read user name/computer name/serial number and so on

Dim RhinoLM As Object
Set RhinoLM = CreateObject("RHINO3LICENSEMANAGER.Rhino3License")

Dim sn As String * 22
Dim sn2, uname, cname, dane
sn = RhinoLM.RequestSerialNumberFromZoo()
dane = RhinoLM.IsInitialized
sn2 = RhinoLM.SerialNumber
sn = RhinoLM.MessageSerialNumber
uname = RhinoLM.UserName
cname = RhinoLM.ComputerName
Call RhinoLM.BroadcastStartupMessage
Rh = RhinoLM.SendBroadcastMessage(1, "This is the message")
Rh = RhinoLM.SendDirectMessage(1, "This is the message", cname)
Rh = RhinoLM.FlushMessageQueue