Curtate Cycloid RhinoStart - auto start any executable - keep specified exe up and running 


If you have a remote computer on which you want to keep Rhino running all the time. Here is a small application that is monitoring Rhino exe and restarts it if necessary so the .exe is up and running all the time. Number in upper right corner is number of seconds RhinoStart checks whether the executable is alive.

Actually, this small app, could be used for any executable, just make sure third parameter in rhinostart.ini is set correctly!!!

example of use:
I have remote computer on which I run Rhino and my plug-in. My plug-in receives input from user and does the task. Sometimes user input is not "clean" and my plug-in crashes Rhino. /There is no way for me to predict every possible combination user can input/ so if Rhino crashes, this little app makes sure it is up and running again and ready for another try. User gets the message input file have too many errors...


Download RhinoStart