RhinoV3 SP3: VBS Script Encoder
- Script Encoder is a simple command-line tool that enables script designers to encode their final script so that Rhinoceros clients cannot view or modify their source. Note that this encoding only prevents casual viewing of your code; it will not prevent the determined hacker from seeing what you've done and how.

Perhaps not very well known utility available on M$ site: screnc.exe Script encoder allow us to play little bit with encoding. So far the only working encoding thing for Rhino script users is the VBS. Here's a short example:

Plain VBS script:(create EncodeTest.vbs)

Dim RhinoScript, Rhino, cmd
Set RhinoScript = CreateObject("Rhino3.Application")
Set Rhino = RhinoScript.GetScriptObject()
cmd = "LINE 0,0 10,10"
Rhino.Command cmd
MsgBox "Hello, Rhino world. (Line added!!!)"
Set Rhino = Nothing
Set Rhinoscript = Nothing

start Windows command prompt (Start->Run->cmd)
type: screnc EncodeTest.vbs EncodeTest.vbe

Encoded VBS script (vbe):
#@~^CgIAAA==@#@&frsP"tk WU^DbwO BP]4bxWB~msN@#@&9r:,lMDKWrUD{rx6@#@&@#@&jnDPI4r ....

Start Rhino and then double click on EncodeTest.vbe. The encoded script will be executed.
- of course we'll experience problem with multiple instances ...
- I couldn't run encoded rvb file? Most likely VBS encoder has not been incorporated into Rhino script engine yet - If someone figure it out please let me know
Important: After encoding, if you change even one character in the encoded text, the integrity of the entire script is lost and it can no longer be used .You'll need to
re-encode it again