Curtate Cycloid MapRhKey(s) - for Rhino3D v4/v5. Until we get this incorporated in Rhinoceros3D here are some Hotkeys &  Re-maps currently not supported inside Rhino4/5 without this plug-in.(updated 01/08/2014)

1) Re-Map Rhino's Spacebar to toggle Maximize/Restore active Viewport
2) Set Control+Numpad-0 to Zoom Extents
3) Re-map Numeric pad multiply(*) to comma (,)
4) Allow BackSpace to act as Rhino Delete command in current viewport
5) Remap Alt+w to toggle Maximize/Restore active viewport
6) Double Click anywhere in rhino window to run command of your choice
7) Left-Shift Double Click to run command of your choice
8) Right-Shift Double Click to run command of your choice

If there is no maprhkey.ini (maprhkey64.ini) file in the plug-in folder only first(Toggle_between_Maximized_and_original_view) option will be enabled. To customize particular option create maprhkey.ini and set the 0,1  values: Here is the example of maprhkey.ini :

#1 = enable ; 0 = disable
Toggle_between_Maximized_and_original_view = 1
Enable_Control_(ctrl)+Numpad_0 = 1

Re-map_multiply_to_comma = 0
BackSpace_As_Delete_In_RhinoViewPorts =0
Alt+W toggle Maximize viewport=1
LeftDBLClick=_Layer (this can be any Rhino command) if not specified Rhino _Properties command will be executed)
LeftShiftDBLClick=_ChangeLayer (this can be any Rhino command) if not specified Rhino Hide_Properties command will be executed)

If no object have been selected DBLCLICK will be executed otherwise see the following:

Rhino needs to be restarted every time maprhkey.ini (maprhkey64.ini) is changed!

Download MapRhKey 32/64bit /for Rhino V4/V5 x64 SR7 (5.7.31213.18395, 12/13/2013)
or the old
SpaceBar2ToggleMaxView only!