Curtate Cycloid Curtate Cycloid - for Violin / Guitar  makers - create cross section Curtate Cycloid curves for Violin / Guitar instrument's top body part - UPDATED! 03-24-13

Download CurtateCycloid for Rhino4 (command prompt driven)
Download CurtateCycloid
for Rhino5_x64 (command prompt driven)
Download CurtateCycloid for Rhino4
Download CurtateCycloid for Rhino5 32-bit only
Download CurtateCycloid for Rhino5 64-bit only

Short instruction on how to use CurtateCycloid

In previous version there were few requirements to successfully create CC curves  i.e.: plug-in was testing whether selected curve is planar and in specific construction plane, is it really line object and so on... all of it have been removed in this version ... now you should be able to create CC curve against almost any combination of three curves... also removed requirement to have curves start at 0,0,0 now it should work anywhere in the space ... have phun!  Mijo Dejanovic