Curtate Cycloid VBSGetKey - adds hotkey keyboard support to Rhinoceros3D scripting engine - FREE!


- Load scripting object:
    Set PlugInObj = Rhino.GetPluginObject ("VBSGetKey")
- Specify your VBS sub or function to run
    mysub = "My1"
    prm  = 97 ' lower case a (for arrow keys send 1001 for LEFT, 1002 for Right, 1003 for UP and 1004 for DOWN)
- Add it to the heap
retval = PlugInObj.RunOnKey (mysub,prm)
retval = return value is number of keys and functions currently being monitored

Take a look at the included VBSGetKey_test.rvb for more details on how to use this plug-in!

- RunOnKey
- ResetKeys
- About

For the decimal values of the keyboard input keys take a look at: Keyboard input keys decimal list

Download VBSGetKey