Curtate Cycloid Read Rhino3D 3dm file properties without Rhino3D installed - Rhino3d V3, V4
- How to read Rhino's 3dm properties properties (History, Notes and Preview Image) without starting Rhinoceros. With little C/DLL help now we can get it trough the VB

Until we get a proper method or solution we can use this as a workaround.

Download GetRhino3dmProperties  (VB6 source code and compiled DLL) - 24KB
Download GetRhino3dmProperties  (VB6 source + dll + opennurbs dll) - 2MB
Download testBB To set a nice shaded perspective preview image modify included script as needed - 3KB

The ecncGetRhinoInfo.dll must be placed next to the opennurbs_vc60.dll (Rhino3d/system dir) and on load you need to set current directory to rhino3d/system dir, for the details take a look the the GetRhino3dmProperties source or just keep the ecncGetRhinoInfo.dll, opennurbs_vc60.dll, GetRhino3dmProperties.exe in the same folder!